Before we can understand the effect of AUNDA, let us talk about healing in a physical way.
“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and
vibration.” (Nikola Tesla)

In conclusion to Tesla’s knowledge, human cells are structured energy, just following simple
physical laws of frequency.

Under this consideration, Diseases are nothing but a lack of structure, caused by low quality
and disharmonic frequencies of our – mostly unconscious - everyday life (negative thoughts,
bad emotions, low quality nutrition and artificial electromagnetic fields).
AUNDA is a divine frequency, which means it corresponds to a primordial state (blueprint) of
human being. This divine frequency can reset the cell frequency, so the cell is able to self-

The color of the AUNDA frequency is golden and pink. Scientifically, “golden” can be
explained as union of all rainbow colors. Spiritually, “golden” can be considered as the
primordial point, that wants to express and explore itself in all kind of colors. “Pink” is the
color of love, which connects human beings through all dimensions with its divinity.
If all this seems too technical and complex to you, just come over and feel the AUNDA effect.


Everyone can learn Attilio Ferrara’s Teachings. To heal itself is the greatest possible act of experienced self-love.
The decision to go this way and the intention to reconnect with the primordial source means to go the divine path.
Attilio Ferrara’s Teachings give back abilities of open-hearted living, healing, self-confidence and basic trust.
To heal yourself means to heal the world!