Energetic healing

As already explained under «what is AUNDA», AUNDA is a divine frequency, which means it corresponds to a primordial state (blueprint) of human being. This divine frequency can reset the cell frequency, so the cell is able to self-heal.
An essential part of AUNDA treatment is to clean and to strengthen the aura and the chakras, so that energies can flow again. You may perceive a feeling of well-being, inner peace and ease after an AUNDA treatment.
Through AUNDA frequency treatment, people of every age can regain physical, mental and spiritual balance in a natural way. AUNDA can also be applied to animals and plants.
The treatment takes place without physical contact. Optionally, it is also available as a remote treatment by phone call.

Healing days

Healing day treatments take place about twice a month and are without consulting, You just enjoy env. 30 minutes of joy. It is free, please feel free do give a donation. 
The number of treatments are limited, so a registration is required.