Melisa Ottiger English




Born in Guatemala, in the land of the Mayas and also called the land of eternal spring, I’ve always had a profound mental connection. My clairvoyance and my ability to “dive into other people’s souls” developed very early in my live.

I’ve been living in Switzerland with my family for many years. Here I graduated as a certified nurse and worked in various health care institutions.


Due to these experiences, as well as a personal stroke of fate, I started to look for holistic healing. I realized, that to come into complete harmony, it needs to heal body, soul and mind as one.

In 2006, I met with great enthusiasm and gratitude the wonderful divine frequencies of AUNDA and the teachings of Attilio Ferrara. This enriched me amply and it ought to become a turning point of my life. Today I work with great passion as an AUNDA healer and AUNDA ambassador.


The energetic healing treatment with the AUNDA frequency, my holistic counseling / accompaniment as well as the assistance for the (re)opening and healing of the spiritual heart are my vocation.


With joy I accompany you on your way of heart with

• energetic healing treatments
• holistic counseling and accompaniment

• spiritual channelings
• redemption of faith rates and emotional behavioral patterns

• personal development courses & day workshops
• harmonizing of water corridor interferences
• holistic end-of-life care
• AUNDA healing training and certification


«The infinite beauty and completeness of your heart is like a exotic flower, that spreads its scent of unconditional love to the world. Just by blossoming. » Melisa Ottiger

Melisa and a child